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T.C.I. Dropped Axle Front Suspension Components

As an alternative to purchasing the full hub to hub kit or to build or rebuild your front suspension in stages, we offer all components individually.  The following are pictures of Total Cost Involved items that are offered.  If you do not see a particular item or require a specialized part not listed, please inquire as we still may be able to meet your needs.  Please contact us for inquiries or pricing information. 

4" Dropped Tube and Beam Axles
Tube axles for 1928 - 1934 Ford feature forged steel ends with 2" X .250 wall tube.  Tube axle available with 46" or 48" king pin centers.  I-beam axles for 1928 - 1934 Ford are available with 46" and 48" king pin centers.  Tube axles available in chrome.  I-beam axles available in
Hi-Lite chrome.


Parallel Bar 4-Links
All 1928 - 1934 Ford 4-links feature: 7/8" bars, urethane bushings, frame brackets, stainless cup washers, hardware and instructions.  The premium kits feature stainless batwings and stainless adjustors.  The econo kit is available in plain or chrome.  The premium kit comes in plain, chrome or polished stainless.
Specify axle width.

Radius Rods
Radius rods for 1928 - 1934 Fords available in plain chrome, or polished stainless.  Kit features:  stainless batwings, stainless adjustors, 7/8" radius rods, urethane bushings, frame brackets, hardware and instructions.  Specify axle width.

Panard Bar Kits
Available for 1928 - 1934 Fords.  The 5/8" bar mounts behind the axle.  Bracket bolts to right side batwing and frame bracket welds to frame on the left.  Available in plain, chrome or chrome and polished stainless.  Specify axle width and bracket bolt size.


Reproduction spindle based on the 1937 - 1941 Ford spindle.  Uses stock bearings, seals and king pins.  Chrome spindles come with pre-fitted bushings and stainless king pin kits.  Plain available with or without pre-fitted bushings and king pin kit.  Nut and washer sold separately.

King Pins
Kit includes:  pins, bushings, bearings, locks and shims.  Available in plain or polished stainless top, with stainless lock and chrome bearings.


Econo Brake Kit
This kit is designed to adapt '77-down GM rotors and a variety of Mopar rotors to 1937 - 1948 Ford spindles.  Kits adapt '79-up GM calipers to the above hub assemblies without modifications or special steering arms.  Specify 4 1/2" or 4 3/4" bolt pattern.

GM Brake Kit
Also offered is a complete disc brake kit for vehicles using the 1937 - 1948 Ford spindle.  Kit features 11" X 1" rotor/hub assemblies, GM calipers, brackets, bearings, seals, dust caps, hardware, and instructions.
Specify 4 1/2" or 4 3/4" bolt pattern.


Hi-tech Wilwood Kit
Kit features aluminium hubs, .810 rotors, polished 360 degree brackets, bearings, seals, polished 4-piston billet aluminium calipers and hardware.  Hubs come with
4 1/2" or 4 3/4" bolt patterns.

Dropped Axle Front Leaf Springs
Mono leaf springs for 46" axle, and multi leaf springs in 2 lengths:  29 1/2"(46" axle) and 13 1/2" (48" axle). 7-leaf spring has rounded ends, stainless clamp and Poly-ride.


Perchs available in plain, chrome, or polished stainless.  1935 and up are available in plain or chrome plated steel only.

Lower Shock Mounts
Includes mount, bolt and stainless washer.  Available in plain, chrome or polished stainless.

Dropped Axle - Front Shock Kits
Kits include brackets (weld-on or bolt-on), lower shock mounts, shocks and hardware.  Available plain or with chrome shock and chrome or polished stainless lower mounts.  Pairs of tube shocks are also available in plain or chrome.

Shackles feature pressed stud design and moly-nylon bushings.  Shackles available in plain or polished stainless.

Front U-bolt Kits
Includes 2 U-bots, 5-hole spring plate and lock nuts.  Available in plain or chrome.

Tie Rods, Drag Links & Ends
Tie-rods and Drag Links come with tie-rod ends, jam nuts and bar.  Tubes available in plain, chrome or stainless.  Chrome ends and jam nuts supplied with chrome and stainless tubes.  Specify application or center to center length when ordering.  Plain and chrome tie-rod ends with jam nut available separately.

Vega Boxes
New gear box for cross steer chassis.  Stainless pitman arm available plain or polished stainless.  Vega bracket and gusset welds to frame rail.  (New genuine Vega boxes are supplied by Mullins, and can be viewed on our steering components page.)


Lower Steering Arms
Forged steel 1 3/4" drop steering arms for Ford spindles.  Available in plain or chrome plated.

Typical installation of many of the above components.

Front Crossmembers
Crossmember mounts radiator in stock location.  Angles spring back 6 degrees and lowers 1932 & 1934 one inch.

Upper Steering Arms
For side steer application.  Standard length arm for 48" axle.  Short arm for 46" axle.  Available in plain steel or chrome plated.

Wishbone Split Kit 1935 - 1940
T-350 trans mount/split kit or X-member support/split kit/trans mount assembly.  Crossmember side supports sold separately in pairs.

1935 - 1940 Steering Adapter
Bolt-in bracket mounts GM Vega or 525 steering box.